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How to Publish Photos Directly From Lightroom to Instagram

My buddy Terry White came across this awesome FREE plug-in that lets you...

My “First-look” Video on The Just-Announced Canon 5D Mark IV

Hey, it’s a new camera. Whoo Hooo!!! (that’s me celebrating because next month I’m going to buy this bad boy!). 🙂

Lightroom’s Mirror Image Mode

Have you even taken a portrait of someone, and when they see their image on...

Got Lightroom But Haven’t Learned Photoshop Yet?

Hi gang, and yes, it’s Monday already (altogether...

Panos in Lightroom: Auto Crop vs. Boundary Warp

Hi gang, and happy Friday. I’ve had a number of questions about this,...

Simple Soft Glow Effect (without using a plug-in)

A simple technique for getting a soft glow effect (to take the edge off) without using a plug-in.

Lightroom Tip: Seeing More Info on Clipped Highlight Areas

How to get more info on highlights areas that might be clipping, than just that triangle up in the Histogram.

Really Handy Tips for Client Proofing Using Lightroom Web

Hi gang – and greetings from New York City (I’m doing a shoot...

Landscape Plug-in Effect (without the plug-in) & 10 Book Winners!

(Above: What you see here is a cooling/warming effect applied using the...

I’m Giving Away 10 Copies of My New Book “How Do I Do That In Photoshop?”

It’s a giveaway. Just enter a comment, and you’re entered. Winners announced here on Wed.