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Clever little “Old School” Lens Flare Trick in Lightroom

It’s a cool old school lens flare video tip from the awesome Kristina Sherk :)

A Few Adjustment Brush Beginner Tips To Kick Our Week Off Right

Just a few handy little quick tips for working with the Adjustment Brush.

Getting Better Results From Lightroom’s Spot Removal Tool

How to have Lightroom automatically pick a different spot to sample from, when you’re not getting the results you want.

Lightroom 6.3 Is Here!

Hey guys – just got the word from Tom Hogarty that Lightroom 6.3 is...

Lightroom Quicktip: Choosing a “Cover Image” For Your Stack

Hi Gang – Happy Monday! Here’s a quick tip for changing the...

Making Sure All Your Images Have Your Copyright Info Embedded

Hi gang – there’s a quick way to go through your catalog and...

Lines and Composition

 Here is a wonderful little tidbit on how lines can affect your...

How to Find Your Missing Unlinked Photos Fast

It’s one of those things that drives a lot of us crazy, and a key part...

Workflow Tip: Save Time By Setting Up Favorites

Here’s a quickie on how to save collections and folders you use often as favorites so you can get to them faster.

Wrapping Up Lightroom Mobile Week: New Collection Layout

We’re wrapping up “What’s new in Lightroom Mobile Week” with a look at the new collections layout, and the addition of the Targeted Adjustment Tool.