My Interview with Scott Kelby

I know what you’re thinking. Today is Friday and Friday is tip day. Well I have a tip. In fact, there are two today. But I’ve left it up to Scott Kelby to give them to you (they’re at the end of the video). If you remember last week I posted Dave Cross’s interview with Scott Kelby about Lightroom. Well, I said to myself, “Self, how come all of us here at Lightroom Killer Tips were left out of the interview loop?”. So I set out to find Scott and rope him in for an interview. Turns out he’s my boss so I don’t have to go looking too far to find him since he usually finds me first. That said, I did get him away from the daily to-do list for a video interview. As you watch you’ll hear references toward his new Lightroom book (which, by the way, I saw today and it looks awesome!) as well as the brand new Lightroom Live 2007 tour he’s doing. If you’re interested in either of those here are the links:
- Click here to see the video interview. (25 Mb)
- Click here to check out Scott’s Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers
- Click here to find out more info about the Lightroom Live 2007 Tour

Author: Matt K

Matt is a full time Education Director for the NAPP and Kelby Training. He's a best-selling author of various books on Photoshop and Photography co-hosts the live weekly photography talk show "The Grid" and is co-host of "Photoshop User TV". In his spare time he practices as a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys spending time with his family in Tampa, FL.

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