Lightroom Presets – Wedding Day

I’m always dissecting “looks” that I see in photos, and I’ve seen this one for a while now. I named it Wedding Day because that’s mostly what I see the effect used on – wedding photos shot outdoors in the afternoon. It’s got a very subtle warm-reddish look to it with a slight vignette. After playing with a bunch of sliders, I settled upon some white balance changes as well as some changes in the Split Toning panel. It’s also got some changes to Vibrance and Saturation for a slightly desaturated look. It sounds like a lot, but I think the effect is pretty subtle overall (at least compared to some of my other presets). Also, while it’s named Wedding Day, you’ll see in the sample below that it works just fine on non-couple photos too :)

Once you apply it, you can tweak the look by changing your Tint and Temperature sliders (move Tint to the right for more red). And of course the overall Exposure will change the look too. I find it works well with a slightly darker overall exposure and if your photo isn’t too warm to start with (if it’s already a warm photo, the preset tends to make the skin too red – in which case, just move Temp/Tint sliders to the left).

Here’s a few samples. (click to see it larger).

(note: some photo examples are from and

• Click here to download the preset.

To install:
1) Unzip the preset zip file on to your desktop
2) Go to the Develop module. NOTE: YOU MUST BE IN THE DEVELOP MODULE
3) Go to the Presets panel on the left. Right click anywhere in it and choose “Import”.
4) Select the .lrtemplate files you unzipped in Step 1 and click Import NOTE: DO NOT IMPORT THE ZIP FILE


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  2. Hi Matt,

    A very useful preset, congratulations! Would it be too much asking you for a post with the same preset but without the lens vignetting? I’m trying to edit it from you preset but (of course) since it’s a preset I cannot undo that. Very much appreciatted, all the best! Paulo

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    • Not going to release any other versions of this one. You could simply remove the vignette in the Develop module and save it as your own preset.

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  3. Thank! Thank you, with you share.

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  4. I tried to install these Presets for a while with no succes and when I try to right click in LR presets it only give me an option to Export and add a new folder so I add a new folder and when I right click in the new folder I get an option for Import and I impoted the Matt presets and it worked just fine

    Thanks Matt

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  5. Thanks for sharing this preset. I also found that just dragging it to the LR icon installs it into your user presets (mac).

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  6. Thanks for info – L3 (you have to right click on User Presets to find the ‘import’ button) – hope that helps anyone having trouble. Also I didn’t have to unzip anything on my iMac – and the preset works just great!

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  7. Do you have a custom preset for Sharpening most batches of photos one takes? Am looking for one that could be applied during import. Thanks!

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    • John, why don’t you create your own “import”-preset for sharpening? Or simply change the default settings that LR applies to each photo. Press “Alt” on a Windows machine (“Option” on a Mac?) in the Develop module and the “Reset” button will change to “Set Default…”. These settings can be made ISO specific.

      The levels heavily depend on the camera, ISO chosen, etc. There is no way a generic sharpening preset will work for everyone. While I have my own default settings, I often change them depending on the shot/subject at hand.

      Off-topic: I don’t understand the allure of presets. They are an instant solution to what should be an individual and creative process. I guess if you are are professional wedding photographer you have to take shortcuts…

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  8. Hi all, I normally download from here and they work fine but these great presets do not install into L3 for some reason. Just doing the normal import..any ideas?

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    • I fiddle faddled around and found in LR 3 that scrolling down the preset column until one finds “User Presets” then do a little clickity- click- clicking on that spot brought up the much desired import box that Matt spoke of. After that it was import and run it. Hope this works for you, love ya, earl

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  9. I just got Lightroom 3 for Christmas, and I can’t wait to try these out. Thank you!

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  10. Matt,

    Dragging to the LR shortcut works on my Windows based laptop.

    On my desktop I have a folder called” Digital Darkroom”.

    Inside this folder I have another folder called “Workflow Software” which is nothing but five shortcuts for my software.

    I downloaded the zip file to this folder and unzipped it. Then I just drug and dropped the preset onto the shortcut and…viola it installs just like it does on your Mac.

    Worked with LR running.

    The I just drag and drop the zip folder to ny Matt’s Presets folder for safe keeping.

    Great Tip!

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  11. It did something funny for me. I’m on Win7 64, when double clicked on the template and associated the file type to Lightroom, it kicked of LR as mentioned and installed the preset BUT LR did not have any of my collections or files, it was just like a brand new install of LR.
    — At that point I hated you Matt —
    But I only had to kill LR and restart to have everything back to normal and the brand new preset installed.
    — So all is well Matt you’re still on my good side :0)) thank you for helping and educating! —

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  12. Hi, I’m new to LR, quick question about importing presets, when you import does it copy the file to a LR system location/folder, or does the preset need to remain where it was imported from?

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    • It copies it to the following path: USER/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop presets. Just right-click on a preset in the develop module and say ‘show in explorer’ (obviously this is the windows version of things).

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  13. Thank you for the preset. I, too, have been fascinated by this “wedding look” that I often see in wedding photography and I have been struck by that warm, almost lavender-pink hue in the highlights. Another thing I noticed is that the images often have clipped highlights. What I have learned about the look is this… Most professional wedding photographers use Canon 5D Mark I or IIs. This is what I have learned by studying wedding photo EXIF data on Flickr. I believe that is the look of Canon sensor. It’s has a different look than other sensors. Only a few other cameras border this look: Nikon D3 and Canon 7D. The Pentax I use looks cool in comparison. I like the way this looks–it makes me want to own a Canon 5D. So your preset is a wonderful little gift.

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    • Richard, you can achieve this look with post-processing. No need to switch to an inferior camera brand. :) Since I have Lightroom and learned how to use it, people are blown away what my lowly K100D delivers. It’s all in the PP!

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    • Richard, you can achieve this look with post-processing. In contrast to in-camera JPEG processors, camera sensors hardly have any look (Canon sensors are said to produce “plasticky skin” but I’m not 100% convinced).

      No need to switch from your Pentax to an inferior camera brand. :) Since I have Lightroom and learned how to use it, people are blown away what my lowly K100D delivers. It’s all in the PP!

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  14. It seems I can just drag the preset file to the LR icon and that installs it fine. Am I missing something by doing it this way??

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  15. Thanks Matt!

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  16. Thanks for the Monday morning goodies.

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  17. Thank you Matt for all these tips and the free presets!! :)

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  18. Great way to start Monday morning!


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