Lightroom 4 Presets: Black & White for Landscape Photos

I’ve updated a few more of my Lightroom 4 presets. I’ve been digging black and white more lately. I actually wrote a post last week about a class that recently changed my thoughts on black & white photography, so make sure you read that if you haven’t yet.

Anyway, while I love Nik’s Silver Efex Pro for B&W photography, I know a lot of people don’t have the plug-in. A while back I created a few custom presets for landscape photography so I went back and updated them for Lightroom 4, as well as changed a few of the settings to ones that seem to look better for different types of photos. You’ll see there’s 4 presets in this download. I went through my photos and realized that most of my landscape photography falls into several categories (canyons, beaches, photos with lots of green in them, and photos with a lot of sky in them). So I created the settings for the presets to show off those different elements in the photo. Here’s a quick before/after of the canyon preset.

And of course, you’ll probably end up finding photos of a beach with lots of blue sky. In that case, experiment a little with whichever preset looks best :)



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  1. Matt, I think the dl link is dead. Maybe I’m a few years late to the party?

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  2. Thank you so much for your great presets!! I just got L4 and your website is amazing!! I have it bookmarked!!

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  3. For some reason when i click on the link to download the presets it opens up a new window but then nothing happens….it worked on the sharpening presets but wont work on anything :) thanks!

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  4. Thank you very much….really like it

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  5. Thank you! I just finished my second serious attempt to B&W conversion from a [color] RAW file- entirely from Photoshop CS6.
    Because of your presets, I will redo the last B&W conversion I did, using your presets to experiment further.
    I found this link to your presets when I was trying to find a way to access the files for your Extreme Photoshop CS book. It looks like the site doesn’t exist any more.
    At the time I bought your book, I was totally ignorant about Photoshop. I was just toying with Photoshop Elements. But your Extreme Photoshop CS techniques looked so cool that I bought the book anyway. (You could say that your book inspired me to follow the Photoshop route.)
    Now, I am more conversant with Photoshop techniques applied to photography (since I am getting more and more into photography) and would like to start practicing your Extreme techniques. Will you be please send me a link to the files for your Extreme Photoshop CS book?
    By the way, I got your Photoshop Compositing Secrets although advanced masking and compositing are way out of my league. That’s how much fun your books look to me.
    Thanks in advance,

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  6. I like these presets very much, Matt. Thank you for sharing them.

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  7. Matt,

    I’m having trouble opening the download page when I click on Here’s the Link to Download…… I get this message at the bottom of the window. Failed to Open Page (See activity window) I did manage to download some presets but others are giving me this message…..

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  8. I downloaded the presets, unzipped them but was not able to import it into LR4. When it unzipped, I was left with one file titled “matts_black_and_white_presets” with a file type of “file”??? I downloaded about 6 presets and half worked, half did not. Any suggestions?

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  9. @casey @Richard I downloaded both b/w presets for landscape and portraits on a Windows 7 PC, no problem alt all!! Unzipping works fine without any problem. Just to let you know

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  10. Matt, just installed the B & W for Landscapes they look excellent the little play I have had with some photo looking forward to trying them out properly

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  11. Hi Matt,

    Well like Casey I am on Windows 7 platform PC and cannot “unzip” your file. I get an invalid message. Hmmm, mus be that Mac vs PC thingy…

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    • Richard, Try going to Matt’s other web site. I was able to get them there. Hope it works for you as well.

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  12. Matt,

    You have THE best website on Adobe Lightroom on the internet! I can spend hours and hours here!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, I have learned a lot!

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  13. I like these presets very much, Matt. Thank you for sharing them.

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  14. Matt, I just tried download from you site and they worked fine. Thanks for the quick reply.

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  15. As always, thanks Matt. Love your presets!

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  16. Ok Matt, I need help. I am new to Lightroom and to your blog (which I enjoy very much). I decided today for the first time to download one of your presets. I dig B&W. When I try to open the zip file I get an error messge saying it is invalid. I tried some of your other downloads and I always get this messgae. Suggestions?

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    • Sorry Casey, I don’t know what the problem could be. Just tried upzipping the file on 2 computers and it works fine. Make sure you’re not trying to install the zip file into LR but that’s the only thing I can think of. Good luck.

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      • No, I just clicked the link and tried to open the zip file. As an alternative, I saved the file then tried to extract. Both processes failed. That process gave me a message that the folder was empty. Would you be able to email me the zip file? Is this a Mac/PC problem? I am using a PC.

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