Learn Lightroom, Save $100, NAPP Membership

Hey, I’ve got another one of those blatant plugs for you. Want a way to learn more about Lightroom, save $100, and become a NAPP member all at once? Sign up for Photoshop World today. See, the early bird special runs out today. If you sign up next week you’ll be spending an extra $100. Plus, there’s an entire track dedicated to Lightroom. I’ll be teaching in it, as well as some of the top experts in the field like Chris Orwig, George Lepp, Tim Grey, and Jerry Courvoisier. Plus, if you’re not a NAPP member then you will be after you sign up (a $100 value). If you are a NAPP member then you save an extra $100 bucks on the price. Sign up soon though. Photoshop World sold out in Boston and this one is on track to do the same. Things are selling out like crazy too (my Layers pre-con is already sold out and we still have a month left). Go check out the class schedule at www.photoshopworld.com. Hope to see you there.

Author: Matt K

Matt is a full time Education Director for the NAPP and Kelby Training. He's a best-selling author of various books on Photoshop and Photography co-hosts the live weekly photography talk show "The Grid" and is co-host of "Photoshop User TV". In his spare time he practices as a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys spending time with his family in Tampa, FL.

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