Free Lightroom Video – Watermarking Your Photos

One of the most-requested features before Lightroom 3 came out was watermarking. Adobe delivered and not only gave us watermarking, but a pretty slick interface for it with lots of different options for watermarking your photos. In this week’s video, we’ll take a look at the watermarking feature, the different places you’ll find it, and how you can add custom watermark text or your own graphics. Enjoy!

Author: Matt Kloskowski

Matt is the Vice President of Photography for onOne Software and a Tampa-based photographer. He's a best selling author of over 20 books and teaches Lightroom and Photoshop at seminars and conferences around the world.

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  1. Thanks Scott, There are so many little things to learn in photography and software. Thanks for sharing and saving us time so we can create more great photography.

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  2. Watermarking inside LR isn’t that hard but one part is missing.
    How can you make your own signature in CS5 and import it into LR?
    The big question has to do with size. I can make a transparency in CS5 and import it (using a wacom tablet) but I can’t figure out how big to make the transparency. What pixel size and resolution is specifically what I need to know.

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  3. Self Study Apps released an app recently called Photo Guide. It helps photographers know which settings to use in which situations. it’s a great tool to have in your “pocket” when going out on a nature shoot! more info can be found at

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  4. Great little tips that help a lot, tnx ;-)

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  5. My Mac with Safari does not include “arrows” on this video and when I right click and select “Toggle Fullscreen”, nothing happens! Any Thoughts?

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  6. This makes my life a lot easier! Thanks for the great tutorial! Keep ‘em comin :)

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  7. With Safari on a Mac, the videos automatically include “enlarge” arrows at bottom right of the player.

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  8. (I think my last comment didn’t post)

    I was wondering what to do with the watermark on photos that get printed? Do you make a cfile opy of each photograph for each size, 5X7, 8X10, to ensure the watermark is viewable?

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  9. This is funny, because I almost posted this question on your FB page. I had been using the print module Identity plate instead of the water mark for some images, but wasn’t satisfied with the final images. I stumbled around and found the library module watermarking and now adding information to the metadata too!

    But I have one extension question. How do you account for the different crops when you print different sizes? crop as a 8X10 and watermark & Save, then crop to a 11X14 and watermark and save? And as a result have 1 image saved in 3 or 4 different print sizes all with thier own watermark? Keep in mind, I do not do my printing through lightroom. I have to have them sent off.


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  10. Thanks everyone for the tip to enlarge the videos! Greatly appreciated!

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  11. Nice tutorial. Very Helpful. And its about time you started to push your own publications. Scott is shameless about it. You need to push your ego slider closer to him.

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  12. Matt, Great video! I have to confess, I have the same problem as Jerry, but thanks to Richard I now know what to do!

    Keep up the good work and videos!


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  13. Thanks Richard for that tip. I was having the same problem as Jerry.

    Matt, great video and I pre-ordered your book today!

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  14. @Jerry: Just right-click on the video and choose Full Screen.

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  15. Matt, nice tutorial. I use this function for couple years already and what I really miss is to scale the png not proportionally, but rather have it as is the same size as png file or scale it in percentage relative to initial png file size, not photo size. May be I missed something. I mostly export for web, so my metrics are pixels. So, when I export photos with 2048 pixels on the long edge, copyright in the bottom on photos with different proportion is different as it is scaled based on bottom edge. That is really uncomfortable. I wnder why Lightroom wouldn’t add separate field to make copyright whether in precise pixel number or percentage to copyright PNG file. It is crucial for web.

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  16. @Jerry: just right click on the video and choose “Toggle full screen”…

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  17. Jerry, this is already possible. Right click in the video window and select “Toggle Full Screen”.

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  18. @Jerry

    I second the request to have an enlarge feature for your videos. It’s really challenging to see the text sometimes when you’re doing tutorials. Thanks and keep up the awesome work as always!!

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  19. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for all your great tips, but I have a request for you to fix something that has always bugged me about your site. That is, your videos. I confess that I am getting up there in years and my eyes are not what they used to be, BUT I would like to see the detail in your videos by enlarging them to full screen, like I can at almost every other site. Can?t do that with the videos that you post, and I feel that I?m not getting as much out of them as I could, because your videos simply do not enlarge!

    Can you do something about this???

    Thanks very much!

    Sorry I initially left this comment in the wrong post, Matt.

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