Free Deal Alert! onOne Perfect Effects is Free Again

Okay, I’m really late to this party and it’s last minute news, but onOne Software is giving away their Perfect Effects 8 plug-in again. I’m always mentioning how I use their Perfect Photo Suite 8 plug-ins (specifically the Dynamic Contrast presets in Perfect Effects 8) for all of my landscape and outdoor photos. Well, they’re giving it away again for free. The problem is that the deal ends on Monday at some point, so grab this one while you can. It’s usually $99 and you can download the full version for free. Yep, everything. No trials, no expiration, no stripped down presets or anything like that – the full freakin’ version.

Here’s the link. Grab it while you can because it’s probably gonna get turned off at some point today.

Once again, hats off to onOne for giving away free stuff (oh, and for making a really cool plug-in too). Have a good one!

Author: Matt Kloskowski

Matt is the full-time Director of Education for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer. He's the Editor-in-Chief of Lightroom Magazine, the lead instructor on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom LIVE Seminar Tour and author of several best-selling Photoshop books. Matt also hosts the world's top Lightroom blog,, where he's built up a massive library of Lightroom videos, presets and tips. In addition to teaching Photoshop, Lightroom and photography seminars around the world, he's an instructor at Photoshop World and one of the full-time staff writers for Photoshop User Magazine.

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  1. I am not happy with their software as it is slow in performance when I open raw files (from lightroom open the Perfect Effects).
    It consumes huge amount of RAM without offering much over Lightroom.
    I am not happy with Lightroom’s performance either but that is another discussion…(video editing programs run faster compared to Lightroom…come one now adobe! you can do better!).

    With jpegs the performance is ok.

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  2. Was really delighted to discover the Perfect Effects link which I missed last time. But sadly having downloaded the free program and saved the license number I discovered it is only valid for a 64 bit system. So, it seems, no go on my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

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  3. Have taken a quick look and I can’t really see what Perfect Effects can do that LR can not. The sliders are almost the same.

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