Monday Presets – Cross Process

It’s Monday again and you know what that means? Yep, Monday Night Football tonight! No… seriously, it means another preset today. This week I’m sharing my cross processing effect preset. If you’re not sure what cross processing is and want to be thoroughly confused then check out this link from Wikipedia. After you read it you’ll either be a) asleep or b) enlightened to the roots of where this effect came...

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Monday Presets – Colorizing

Holy cow!!! The response to the preset feature I added here at Lightroom Killer Tips was astonishing. I had no idea that you guys liked them as much as I do. So it looks like the new feature is a keeper. This week I’ve got some colorizing presets for you. A while back I did a video on saturating only one color in the HSL panel. After I started using that effect more I realized I definitely needed some presets for it. So once...

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Monday Presets

I’m really excited to introduce a new feature on this site. Presets (or downloads or whatever you want to call them)! See…I realized I had an extra 15 minutes each week that was being wasted, so I decided to give myself one more item on the weekly “to-do” list. All joking aside, I just think presets are cool. They fit into my favorite 3 categories: 1) They’re easy to use. 2) They save me time 3)...

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