Monday Presets – Colorizing

Holy cow!!! The response to the preset feature I added here at Lightroom Killer Tips was astonishing. I had no idea that you guys liked them as much as I do. So it looks like the new feature is a keeper. This week I’ve got some colorizing presets for you. A while back I did a video on saturating only one color in the HSL panel. After I started using that effect more I realized I definitely needed some presets for it. So once...

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Monday Presets

I’m really excited to introduce a new feature on this site. Presets (or downloads or whatever you want to call them)! See…I realized I had an extra 15 minutes each week that was being wasted, so I decided to give myself one more item on the weekly “to-do” list. All joking aside, I just think presets are cool. They fit into my favorite 3 categories: 1) They’re easy to use. 2) They save me time 3)...

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