The 5 Places I use Lightroom Presets The Most (And the least)

If you’ve ever looked into Lightroom’s Presets folder (Lightroom Preferences > Presets area) you’ll see there are actually a lot of different areas in Lightroom that have presets. So which ones do I use the most? 1. Import – This one is pretty much on autopilot for me. Whenever I import, I have a Metadata template defined (bottom section of the import dialog) with all of my contact and copyright information....

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Video – Before & After

Greetings from Dubai! I’m teaching at Gulf Photo Plus this week but I made sure I recorded a video before I left. It’s another one of those before/after videos and it takes one of my photos from a hot air balloon festival I shot last summer from start to finish. It just happens that this one required a lot of Photoshop work. I’m not sure why, but sometimes I still feel more comfortable with the Quick selection tool...

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