What's a Lightroom "Snapshot"

During a recent workshop I had some one ask what a Snapshot was (its a panel on the left side in the Develop module). Then everyone else kinda chimed in with a “yeah what the heck is that?”. They don’t get used a lot, but I think they definitely do come in useful at times. Basically, a snapshot is a freeze-frame of your photo at that moment in time. It’s a way to save all of your develop settings at a certain...

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Presets – Lightroom 3 Grain

A couple of weeks ago, Adobe released a beta version of Lightroom 3. Among the new features is a grain effect that people have been asking for to simulate film grain. So I figured what better candidate for a new preset then some grain effects. They’re pretty straightforward and there’s 3 versions of the effect from Light, to Medium to Heavy. I purposely left off any black and white, lomo, or cross-process settings (which...

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