Weekly Worth-a-click

Here’s a few things that I found worth a quick visit this week. • Lightroom 2.3 is officially released(look on the right side for the download link). You may recall it had been in beta-mode for a while but now 2. 3 is up on the Adobe website. I’ve installed it and had no issues that I can see. • Speaking of updates, I know all of you LR users out there use Photoshop. Adobe has also released a CS4 update. Here’s the...

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Presets – Focal Point for Landscapes

Hey there! I’m pretty excited about this week’s presets. I had an idea a while back about using the adjustment brush to create a focal point in certain parts of the photo (by darkening the rest of the photo). The vignetting controls are great for doing this but if your subject isn’t in the middle of the photo then it doesn’t work as well. So I figured I could use the adjustment brush to darken parts of the...

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