Presets – Noise Removal

I’ve been using Lightroom 2′s noise removal sliders more and more lately and getting some decent results. I won’t lie. Personally, I still go to Nik’s Dfine for my heavy lifting when it comes to noise removal but LR does do a good job when the noise isn’t quite that bad. One of the issues I’ve had is that tiny little preview in the Detail panel in LR. Normally, it should be easy enough to adjust the...

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Video – The Adjustment Brush Color Swatch

I’ve got another video up that goes over an area I struggled with until recently. That little color swatch in the Adjustment Brush tool (in LR 2 only), always acted kinda weird for me. Then I sat down and had a talk with it and said “Listen here color swatch thingee, we need to have a talk…” – kidding. I did sit down one afternoon and start messing around with it at extreme settings and it was then I...

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Presets – Color Tints Volume 2

Happy preset day once again. I’ve created a second volume of color tints that picks up where the last volume left off. The first volume was a bit warmer in nature but these tints tend to be more on the cooling side (cyans, blues, purples). And to make things easier for you, if you missed the volume 1 tint presets I’ve included them down below on this same page so you can grab both of them while you’re here. Oh yeah,...

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