Weekly Worth a Click

A few things that are “worth a click” here in the Lightroom and photography industry: • Frederick Johnson from Adobe has a cool interview with John Nack (Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager) • Sean McCormack has a Horizontal Scroll web gallery for Lightroom 2. It’s actually more then just a web gallery but an entire site with some pretty neat features. • A VERY interesting post by Lightroom product manager,...

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Tip – Adjustment Brush Shortcuts

Hey folks, it’s time for the first Lightroom 2 tip and I’ve got one of my favorites for you. OK, you know when you start painting with the Adjustment Brush it leaves that little dot on your photo. Well if you hover over it, it shows you a red overlay which tells where you’ve painted right? But that’s not the tip. The tip is that you can change the color of that overlay. This comes in especially handy if...

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