Video – Lightroom, Photoshop, and Color Spaces

Hi folks! Getting ready for a long 4th of July weekend here and I thought I’d leave you with a video for the long weekend. There’s always lots of questions around color spaces and color profiles in Lightroom and how they relate to what we do in Photoshop. So I thought I’d cover some of the general best practices when moving your photos between Lightroom and Photoshop. Obviously, there’s a few choices –...

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Presets – Edge Lightening

If your first thought was “Edge Lightening?”, you’re not alone. Lately, the hip, cool, trendy, rad (insert your hip, cool, or trendy-like word here) is darkening the edges of your photos. Normally, I think it’s a great addition when used sparingly. Well, I started experimenting with the reverse – lightening the edges and the effect started looking really cool on some photos. Usually, darkening the edges...

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