Gear Update – I love my Boda Bag!

Here’s a quick gear update. I’m posting this because it was the topic of a lot of discussion during the workshop I taught last month and it’s always a topic whenever a bunch of photographers get together. Let me first say that I paid for the Boda bag I’m about to talk about. I got it at Photoshop World Orlando, so I got a show discount but I still paid for it just like everyone else. My review is based totally...

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Presets – Keyword Sets

Happy Wednesday everyone. I just got back from teaching at the Adobe/CDW event in Philadelphia and it went over great. It was nice to meet some of the blog readers there and many thanks to everyone who came up and said hi. Now on to the presets… A new style of presetThis week marks a brand new style of preset – keyword sets. If you’ve never seen or heard of them before you’ll find these guys in the Library...

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