Tip – Another Before/After Shortcut

Folks. I’m doing it again. Yep, I’m stealing tips from the unsuspecting people that comment here on the blog. But hey, would you rather I just keep them to myself? No way. You want me to steal… you need me to steal! For a second I just felt like Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”. “You want me on the wall! You need me on that wall!”. OK, I digress. Here’s the tip. A while ago I told you...

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Thursday Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an inspirational website so here’s two to make up for it. The first one kind of struck a personal chord with me because I love to play golf. Back in the early and mid 90′s I used to practice 4-5 times a week and play at least twice a week all year round (the perks of living in Florida ). The late 90′s came and I got married and had kids so golf has taken a back seat....

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