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Here’s an update to some older presets. See, I’m always dissecting “looks” that I find in photos, and I’ve seen this one for a while now. I named it Wedding Day because that’s mostly what I see the effect used on – wedding photos shot outdoors in the afternoon. It’s got a very subtle warm-reddish look to it with a slight vignette. After playing with a bunch of sliders, I settled upon some white balance changes as well as some changes in the Split Toning panel. It’s also got some changes to Vibrance and Saturation for a slightly desaturated look. It sounds like a lot, but I think the effect is pretty subtle overall (at least compared to some of my other presets). Also, while it’s named Wedding Day, you’ll see in the sample below that it works just fine on non-couple photos too

Once you apply it, you can tweak the look by changing your Tint and Temperature sliders (move Tint to the right for more red). And of course the overall Exposure will change the look too. I find it works well with a slightly darker overall exposure and if your photo isn’t too warm to start with (if it’s already a warm photo, the preset tends to make the skin too red – in which case, just move Temp/Tint sliders to the left).

Here’s a few samples.
(photos compliments of iStockphoto.com and Fotolia.com)

Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!

7 Comments to “Free Lightroom Presets – Wedding Day”

  • Hey Hi. Could you double check those presets. I get a message that there is not a program to open them…Thanks

  • Hi Matt.

    Could you double check those presets. I have never had a problem before but when I click on the downloaded file I get : Safari can’t open the file.

    Safari can’t open the file “Wedding Day-2 Irtemplate” because no available application can open it.


  • Hi Matt.

    Could you double check these presets.

    I get a message that there is no application to open them…Thanks

  • Very nice – “subtle” on some days seems in short supply in this world where we’ve all got digital post-proc.-powers — aka nice presets, the mildly toned-down sat. is perfect – thank you and cheers, sir. :)

  • Hi,
    many many thanks for your presets :-)


  • When I extract the file it’s only one preset. I thought it was suppose to be three?

  • Thanks very much for the presets. They are great.

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