Lightroom Video – Making Selective White Balance Changes

I always like it when new features come out in Photoshop or Lightroom and I end up using them in ways that I didn’t originally think I would. Take for example the addition of Temperature and Tint to the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter in Lightroom 4 Beta. When I heard about this feature, I thought of specific examples where I’d use it. But none of those examples actually fit what I just noticed this past weekend on a recent trip. I realized I’m going to use them for a problem that I’ve usually gone to Photoshop to fix. But now since those adjustments are in Lightroom I can just do them there. Gotta love it when that happens right? :) Enjoy!

4 Comments to “Lightroom Video – Making Selective White Balance Changes”

  • I haven’t investigated the new features on LR4 beta too much so far but this looks like a really useful feature. Thanks for sharing Matt.

  • I completely missed this feature–thank you for mentioning it! This is great stuff–very excited to use this with flash, as well as landscapes.

  • Love the new possibilities! Thanks for showing us how you use it. I can see doing it myself…..

  • I cannot expand your videos to full screen anymore. Why? They are uselless this way. Do I need to donate somewhere. Let me know…

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