A Great Deal On A Wacom Intuos 5 Tablet

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Hey everyone. I just came across a really good deal on the Wacom tablet that I use (the Intuos 5 Small), from Hunts Photo. I actually wrote about the tablet here (and why I use it) a while back. And they have free shipping. It may not be that special gift for some one on your list, but it could be a great self-gift for that some one who likes to give gifts to themselves :) Here’s the link to Hunts Photo to buy it. Plus, they have deals on all the Wacom tablets as well.

Enjoy and have a great holiday weekend.

3 Comments to “A Great Deal On A Wacom Intuos 5 Tablet”

  • Thanks for posting that one, Matt. I just ordered an Intuous5 from Hunt’s because no one else is touching their price right now!

  • Nice deal, of course right after I bought one >_<
    It's all good though, used some points on Amazon to get an Intuos5 Small for $150, and loving it so far. Do you still not use your express keys, or have you finally found a good use for them? I found one of your posts in August about useful settings–have you found any other resources since then?

  • Matt, I bought one on your recommendation. Would you consider posting your Lightroom and Photoshop settings file for download? Thanks! Alan

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