Lightroom Pro Q&A with Jeff Revell (JRev!)

Hi everyone. Here’s another in a series of mini-interviews with some of the Lightroom pros out there where they’ve answered a short series of questions about how they use and feel about Lightroom: Today’s Guest: My good friend Jeff Revell (AKA: Tree Shooter – sorry inside joke) Bio/Intro: Jeff Revell is a Washington DC based photographer who runs the blog. He is also the author of 5 books in...

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Video – Lightroom Printing with Rounded Corners

A few weeks ago some one asked me a question if it was possible to print a photo with rounded corners in Lightroom. Believe it or not, there is and it doesn’t require any Photoshop. And when you combine the rounded corners with an identity plate for a graphic or logo and the custom print packages so you can lay out the print any way you want, you can come up with some pretty slick looking prints. Click here to download the video...

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The Clarity Slider Public Service Announcement

Hey there. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I’ve got more of a public service announcement for you when it comes to the Clarity slider in Lightroom. The other day I saw a photo with a bit of a washed out background. Now, I think the background was washed out because it was off in the distance and when the person took the photo and I think it probably looked washed out when they were standing there. The point is, I...

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