The Truth About This Whole "Cataloging" Thing

Last week I created a video about my experience with organizing your photos by date vs. organizing them by some kind of descriptive folder. For the most part I expected the response I got which was: 1) A lot of people saying yes, this is the way I do it or yes this is the way that I want to do it going forward. 2) Lots of people saying no way, I love my date organizing structure and I’m not going to change (which I totally...

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Q&A Day

Hey folks! Here’s another Q&A day for ya. Keep the questions coming. Q. Why does it take so long for Lightroom to export JPEGs? Is there any way to optimize or speed this up? A. You know, if I were asked this a couple months ago, I would have said you were outtaluck. But I read about a cool tip on Scott Kelby’s blog that Lloyd L. Chamber¬ís (Macintosh Performance Guide) found. Here’s a direct link to what Lloyd...

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