Tip – Grayscale (no wait Black and White) Shortcut

Howdy folks. You’re probably going to laugh at me for this tip. But my job here on the blog is to tell you about things in Lightroom that I find cool, in hopes that you may as well. So here’s an easy one that I’ve been using a lot lately (because I just discovered it). It’s the V key in the Develop module. This simple little key changes your photo from color to grayscale. By the way, the word...

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David Ziser's Digital Wake-up Call Seminar

This past Wednesday I attended David Ziser’s Digital Wakeup Call seminar. I mentioned it here and a few of you asked for my thoughts on the evening since this seminar will be traveling all around the country. So here goes: The evening starts at 5pm and there’s various vendors in an expo-like area (for 1 hour). The products are all geared toward wedding photographers so it’s worth checking out, but getting to talk to...

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Weekly Worth-a-click

Here’s a few things that I found worth a quick visit this week. • Adobe is putting on an eSeminar series for professional photographers. It’s free so if you’re around, you should plan on attending. • Famous wedding photographer, David Ziser, just kicked off his Digital Wakeup Call seminar tour with dates going through the end of the year. In fact, he’s in Tampa tonight so I’m going to head over there and...

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