Monday Presets – Vintage New York Look

Here’s an effect that works great for portraits. It’s got that desaturated look that is often associated with the whole vintage style that’s so popular. Plus, it’s a popular effect for city (New York-ish) style photos these days. It’s primarily geared toward portraits. One thing you’ll notice if you look at the settings after you apply it, is that I bumped up the Orange and Yellows in the HSL panel...

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Tips I Learned at Scott's Lightroom Tour

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to watch Scott Kelby teach his Lightroom Live tour (click here if you want to see some photos I took). He’s always on the road teaching the tour and I’m always working so I’ve never been able to catch it. He was in our backyard the other day (Tampa Convention Center) so I went over to watch. I get really psyched when I see others speak because that means I can steal (I mean learn)...

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