Friday Tip – Split Tone Color Preview

Here’s why today’s tip is so important. When you use the Split Tone panel you pretty much have to guess at which color you’re dragging the Hue slider to (unless you have super-secret microscopic vision and can tell by the small preview). So you would normally have to drag the Hue slider and then drag the Saturation slider to see the color. But, as you can imagine, Lightroom is full of tiny hidden shortcuts that,...

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Wednesday Inspiration – Erik Almas Photography

You guys are going to love this week’s inspirational link. His name is Erik Almas and I just spend about 20 minutes going through his photos. They’re amazing from every aspect (lighting, composition, subject matter). What I like most about his work is that the subject (usually a person) and their surroundings (usually some awesome scenic place) are both wonderfully thought out. Each subject fits their surrounding and each...

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Video – Surreal Edgy Effect

This week I’m changing it up a little and showing a creative technique that I’ve seen become very popular lately. It’s something that you’d typically create in Photoshop (and maybe with a plug-in) but you can come up with some very cool results right here in Lightroom. It’s creative… it’s edgy… and it almost has a surreal quality to it. All that aside, I just think it looks cool on some...

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