Friday Tip – T.A.T. Shortcut

You know those little Target Adjustment Tools (affectionately known as TATs) that are in the Tone Curve panel, as well as the HSL and Grayscale panels? Well, one thing that bugged me for quite a while was always having to select them in order to use them over and over again. That is, until I found the keyboard shortcuts. Now, you may thinking that’s a no-brainer right? Nope. The keyboard shortcuts for the TATs are not where...

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Learn Lightroom, Save $100, NAPP Membership

Hey, I’ve got another one of those blatant plugs for you. Want a way to learn more about Lightroom, save $100, and become a NAPP member all at once? Sign up for Photoshop World today. See, the early bird special runs out today. If you sign up next week you’ll be spending an extra $100. Plus, there’s an entire track dedicated to Lightroom. I’ll be teaching in it, as well as some of the top experts in the field...

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Wednesday Inspiration –

Here’s a website of some one who posted some feedback in the comments section here. His name is Patrick Cavan Brown and he’s a Documentary and Commercial Advertising Photographer. If you want a shorter version of his title just call him “One Heck-of-a photographer”. That’s exactly what he is. He’s got one of those portfolios that has a little bit of everything in it and I think that’s why I...

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