Friday Tip – Keyboard Shortcut

Every once in a while I come across a keyboard shortcut that really speeds things up for me in Lightroom. Today this shortcut deals with the Crop tool. You probably already know that you can lock your aspect ratio when you’re cropping by clicking on the little Lock icon in Crop mode. However, you can just press the letter A to turn the lock and and off. Small I know but hey… it’s my website right?! I have to say that...

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Video – Applying Edits to Multiple Photos

Here’s a topic that comes up a lot in Lightroom. You process a photo using the Develop module. Then you realize you have about 100 other photos that were shot in similar lighting conditions and could benefit from the same edits you just did on that one photo. The natural question is how to synchronize the settings from that one photo to all of the others quickly. We’ll take a look at just that in the latest video. Click...

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Monday Video – Working with Metadata

Metadata is the less glamorous side of Lightroom but probably just as important as any other area. It serves several purposes, such as allowing you to protect your photos with copyright information or add personal contact information so anyone seeing your photos will know how to contact you. It’s also a killer searching mechanism for finding your photos because the data that’s already embedded in them when you press the...

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