Randy Van Duinen Photography

Here’s a great inspirational link. Randy Van Duinen is a commercial, art, and stock photographer based out of St. Petersburg, FL. Randy is actually a buddy of mine and he helps us out at the Photoshop World conference & expo. Apart from being an all-around nice guy he’s got some beautiful work to look at. People will often ask if I’m going out on any photo shoots when I’m at the conference and I respond by...

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It's History Baby!

If you’d like to see what you’ve done in Lightroom there actually is a History panel. Say you’re in the Develop module and you’d like to jump back to a specific point in the editing history of your Photo. Well right next to the world Presets you’ll see History. Just click on it and Lightroom will display the history states that your image has gone through. Just like Photoshop (what can I say, I’m a...

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